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QuickBooks Tips

  • Most companies have to provide their bankers with monthly Accounts Receivables listings - Streamline the process by Creating a memorized report with the name of your bank contact and fax number of the bank as the header and the date to be the end of last month and put a reminder to yourself to automatically pop up in QuickBooks to send the report If your banker accepts e-mails then just have QuickBooks e-mail the report.
  • Customize your Icon Bar within QuickBooks to make frequently run reports and functions only one click away.
  • Verify your data weekly to ensure the integrity of your data file.
  • Rebuild your data every few months so that it allows for faster file access and it also reduces the file size to make backup time shorter.
  • When setting up a new company Activate Account Numbers and allocate the numbers to accounts even if you choose not to use them. Most accounting firms use working paper software that requires numbers. Even if you don't use them your accounting firm will be able to save time and YOUR money on your year end preparation.

General Tips

  • Make backups - When systems fail and they ALL do fail, the only thing you have is Backups. Make many sets and put them all away. With the low cost of CDs there is no reason not to make a Unique CD copy each day. How much time do you want your staff to spend inputting data to recover from a catastrophic failure. If you only have a backup once a week then it will take you a whole week to recover - and that will interfere with the operation of your staff for the current week.
  • Test backups - Have an independent test/restore done off site to ensure the data is recoverable. Many times we find companies have been backing up data files daily, only to find out to their horror that the data files being copied are not the current files.
  • Data files should always be stored off-site. If an event such as a fire or sewage backup destroys or damages your facility only your offsite data files will allow you to resume accounting operations quite quickly.

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