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Lipton Adler Computer Consultants Corp. was founded by Marty Adler as a computer consulting firm in association with the Toronto accounting firm of Lipton, Wiseman, Altbaum & Partners LLP, his principal client in 1986. Marty, with his staff, was responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the 50-station LWAP office internal network.

Since then Marty has provided consulting services to many clients across the GTA including some high profile clients such as the InterProvincial Lottery Corporation and Apotex Pharmaceuticals.

Marty has spent many years developing training programs and educational material for the installation, setup and user training of accounting software. He has also done custom tailored training programs for his corporate clients.

Marty became one of the first Certified Advisors for QuickBooks in Canada in 1997, and is a Member: Voice of Advisor Council for Intuit Canada, 2006-2007. He has also been involved in the development of the QuickBooks Training Guide.

Marty specializes in the design and implementation of computer networks for his clients and the selection, training and support for a variety of accounting software systems.

Marty has built his reputation on his knowledge and experience with computerized accounting systems. He knows what his clients need to enable them to run their businesses effectively - information, and how to retrieve it from their systems. This information is not only to meet statutory requirements for governments and bank reporting requirements, but timely information about sales and customers, gross profit and expense analysis.

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