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Lipton Adler News

Lipton Adler chosen to distribute new Canadian Cheque Printing Application for US QuickBooks Enterprise Edition
This 2008 Canadian Cheque Printing Application is designed to work with the 2007 and 2008 QuickBooks® US Enterprise Edition to print Canadian cheques in the new Canadian Payments Association’s (CPA) Standard 006 format.

Lipton Adler chosen to distribute new T4A CRA approved Reporting Application for QuickBooks
A new reporting application published by Xinfosystems of Toronto is now available on-line from Lipton Adler Computer Consultants Corp. This is the second in a series of applications for QuickBooks published by Xinfosystems. This spring the T5018 report generator was released for Quickbooks users.

Lipton Adler Computer Consultants Corp. has become a registered member of the Microsoft Partner Program
This program is designed to help partners to deliver high quality technology and solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

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Lipton Adler Tradition
Imagine an accounting solution that gives you what you need…timely information to run your business.

Lipton Adler Computer Consultants Corp. has been providing accounting software solutions to small and medium business for almost twenty years. In 1997 Marty Adler, the President of Lipton Adler, was one of the first consultants in Canada appointed a Certified Advisor for QuickBooks accounting software.

Lipton Adler has successfully designed and implemented hundreds of hardware and software solutions for its clients in various industries in the greater Toronto area ranging from wholesale distribution, pharmaceuticals, and construction, to retail chains and gaming.

Our Services
Our expertise includes accounting software solutions incorporating the latest integrated payroll suite of products and POS systems, network design and build, website design and build and system security audit solutions.

Software implementation and user training has been the basis for the growth of Lipton Adler over the last twenty years. The company specializes in the analysis, selection, implementation and staff training of accounting software that meets the needs of its clients. Lipton Adler's staff is fully trained to ensure the client's successful transition to the newly installed system.

Lipton Adler is also on the front lines of their clients I/T troubleshooting solutions where our expertise is called upon to solve system and network problems and for technical support.

The company also offers a data recovery service where corrupted accounting data files are repaired.

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